October 10, 2009

from san blas to bocas del toro

we got our zarpe in porvenir and started the crossing on a thursday afternoon. we sailed along david who was sailing high spirits, his Morgan 38. the crossing was a long one and with little wind and 2 knots of current against us. we had a couple of storms and some beautiful days. we saw dolphins swimming along the boat and what was most impressive, we had birds resting in the boat. some went inside the companionway and others landed in esteban's head!!!!!!!! amazing to see these birds from the wild being so close and relaxed with humans. because the autopilot finally decided to quit on us, we were extremely tired after this crossing, as we had to steer the boat by hand for over 30 hours without any decent sleep. at one point our watches were of 30 minutes only because we could not keep each other awake and steering any longer than that, but we made it to bocas safely and after the third day we anchored in a bay in bocas del toro in an island called bastimentos.

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