January 2, 2010

the cave

a real cave with huge bats and an underground lake and water fall. the water level was up to and over our heads at some points. it was a bit scary to be walking in such a dark place where you only see the stream of light from the flash light and walking over rocks and mud and full of water. who knows what is under there...maybe it is good that the visibility is so restricted. other than the bats i saw two very big spiders. this large cave system was discovered not too long ago by one of the locals and to get there is in itself an experience, boating up through a small and rather shallow stream, and then walking through jungle and finally arriving to this place. the inside pictures came out terrible so we only have a few of us coming out. my father went inside with us almost all the way... i actually did not finish the trail and did not go as far as esteban. i must admit the darkness and the bats flying so low was not the nicest of feelings. very cool and exciting though!

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