April 5, 2010

good bye galapagos

we say good bye to the galapagos islands, a place with most dramatic landscapes and a great history. for us, also a place where we met great people, had a very relaxing time, eat delicious food, refilled on supplies and diesel and prepared to cross for our longest crossing of all: the south pacific from galapagos to the marquesas islands in the french polynesia!!

i will write the next posting after we have crossed over 3000 nautical miles of only ocean on sight. it will certainly be an experience! we are happy to do it, and somewhat prepared :-) Until then…!!!


  1. Hej Esteban & Mafe. Wishing you fair winds and safe passage. xxx

  2. Mafer que bueno que comieron pescado, los pensamos mucho, Suerte
    Amanda et Mauricio

  3. Chispus, este es el sitio donde les puedes dejar tus mensajes :-)

  4. petit y tsunami!!!por elena se q llegaron alla!! son mis heroes los amo!!!no saben cuanto deseo poder viajar y abrazarlos en persona!!!por lo pronto solo puedo madarles esto muuuuuakss....

  5. petiiiit!!!que locura lo del intercambio d cosas en la isla!!!eso me ha encantado q exista todavia en el 2010....no entendi lo del mensaje q tengo q borrar;< porfa explicame again...;(