September 1, 2010


we left the island of vanua levu and sailed south 120 miles, half of which we had to motor and the other half we sailed wonderfully and had just enough wind. i saw a snake in the water… i do not know what is more bizarre, to have a long snake swimming in the middle of the ocean close to the boat or to actually see it!! When we approached suva, the capital; we saw all the tall buildings and the impressive barrier reef surrounding this southern island.

we entered the harbor and made our way through many fishing vessels, mostly from korea or eastern nations with southeastern looking crew. It is fantastic to see such a clash of cultures in this city. from the very blond tourist (my husband of course!) to the local fijian, the people from india and the asians, and all the different foods!!!

It is great. they have so many chillies here of different colors and sizes and the vegetables and fruits are so good and cheap.

another great advantage of this city is the macdonald’s of course!!! we were already missing their ice-cream cones and caramel sundays!!! Uhm!!!

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