October 15, 2010

port moresby

port moresby is the capital of papua new guinea, it is poor and a bit dangerous. there are guards everywhere in every store. the yacht club by contrast is the most elegant, complete and fancy structure of all the marinas we have seen on our trip. it is more than a marina, it is a social club where all the expats in port moresby go, with a different event every night and women all day dressed formal playing cards and drinking tea. the yacht club is located on a new place of town called harbor city; very pretty with all new houses looking at the commercial port, the bay and the marina but all enclosed in bars and with guards outside… feels bizarre to be so protected from the outside reality. we mostly prepared the boat for the next long crossing all through the north of the australian coast.

Because of the weather forecast was for very little wind, we had to get some extra jerry cans for more diesel, and some drinking water for the hot days ahead.

We pampered the engine, the boat and ourselves to great food and some of the fantastic local crafts! We also enjoyed the company of the only other two cruising boats in the marina that were sailing like us, a little bit late in the season. this was a good stop for us to recharge energies and prepare for the long crossing ahead.

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