January 12, 2011

good bye thailand

after sailing in thai waters around several islands we went back to phuket to get ready for the indian ocean crossing. We stopped at the ao po marina several miles north of phuket town. We did not do any sightseeing this time and only focused on preparing the boat. Turns out we enjoyed a lot being in this area far away from tourism.

In the marina we met great new friends and also had a very pleasant visit from my cousin Adriana and Philip. We went to a nearby waterfall with only local tourist and the local market. We had so much fun in the last days in the marina and the country side that we found it very hard to leave. We postponed our departure day after day.
Among the usual preparations we cleaned the boat in and out, over and under; filled up on water and diesel, oil and other supplies; aligned the engine.

we met a local welder who helped us immensely. we only communicated with him by signs and body language and rather well as he did everything we needed to perfection. our days in this remote area of the island were a perfect ending to our exciting days in thailand. we leave sad and hope to come back soon.

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  1. Great to see you are still sailing West and enjoying it. We are missing the anchorages and discoveries. However, Australia has had few surprises for us (eg the devastating floods in Brisbane). All fine and still on board Merlin! Lots of love to the 2 of you! Emmanuelle and the rest of the crew