April 1, 2011

bob el mandeb

this has to be the place where we encountered the strongest winds of our entire trip (so far at least) and luckily they were from behind. It was blowing so strong that we were cruising at 8 knots with hardly any sail out. we now never know the actual speed since our wind indicator broke a while ago and as we find it not indispensable at this time of or trip we decided to continue sailing without it. So for a while we have not know the speed of the wind. It either blows to little in which case we motor, or just about enough to have all sails out or too much that we have to reef… here it was definitely too much, to the point we had to be with almost no sails out. we enjoyed this windy conditions for a change. We have had far too many days of light winds for the last months….

going through this strait meant we officially entered into the red sea leaving the pirates behind!! Good. We accomplished what seemed to be almost impossible back at the anchorage in the maldives, and we had done it in one piece! This was an important moment of our trip and where we definitely felt a weight being lifted of our shoulders. We finally stopped looking around for pirates on every vessel we saw… it was a good welcome back to our old sailing style which we have grown to like so much!

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