May 4, 2011


during our transit through the suez canal and more specifically our stop in ismalia, in the middle of the transit, we decided to take a train and travel to alexandria and cairo. the train was in itself an experience. going to alexandria we took the cheapest possible train and only one available. the total price was 2 dollars per person for over this 5 hour trip and we stopped everywhere. the view was exceptional and educational inside and out. inside we watched the people and talked to some of them, all very friendly and practicing their few words of english with us. outside we watched astonished the garbage all around. to us egypt was like india, dirty all around; very sad.

once we arrived in alexandria on the mediterranean coast, we walked around the city center, had delicious food and found ourselves a nice little hotel with the most fantastic view of the harbor. we enjoyed cable TV with hundreds of channels; definitely a novelty for us. we must have watched 4 movies during our stay. we also visited the catacombs, and the famous bibliotheque, built where the ancient one once was. we walked all around to enjoy the shops and very good food. it was a good break and a good doze of civilization and busy city life.

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