June 4, 2011


getting to simi was a coincidence. we had scratched it off from our list because we considered we did not have much time around the islands. fortunately for us, a bad weather with strong head winds made us stop there on our way. for the first time we were glad we had bad weather. because of this we saw another of the most amazing islands of greece.

we anchored in a remote area of the island, far from the main town and port, in a monastery. we quickly visited around and enjoyed the great anchorage absolutely sheltered from the strong winds. we also visited the town on the other side of the island. just getting there was a trip in it of itself: great views and luckily with a local that had come back from australia to his home land and gave us the entire tour and explanations of the place.

it was very informative and we enjoyed every minute of the road. finally we arrived in the most magnificent town. it was similar to kastellorizo but only bigger and with more of the great stores and restaurants that we loved so much of the previous island. we felt really glad and lucky to be there and enjoyed the bad weather with a delicious pizza and beers overlooking yet another wonderful place.

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