September 1, 2011

work on board

while i was in florida working esteban stayed busy on the boat in the marina in gibraltar. he fixed the radar, water maker, windlass and all the sails, changed hoses, filters, clamps, cables and in general everything that was just about to break; fixed the lifelines, traveler, replaced the chain plates that hold the backstays!! if he had not noticed the crack on one of them, he could have later lost the mast in the crossing;

he also varnished and repaired all the wood interior (this was actually never done before so we had the original wood floors from over 30 years… still today we have the same floors but looking much nicer!);

finally he did a major tune up and maintenance of our beloved diesel engine, replaced the speakers, painted the cockpit, and in general kept himself really busy for the few months before the crossing. at the end puerto seguro is as solid and reliable and looks just like the day we left florida a couple of years ago.

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