November 21, 2011

transatlantic crossing

the 2011 atlantic hurricane season is almost over. it is actually officially over on november 30 but historically the last days of the season have been rather quiet, so we hope this year is not the exception. the boat and crew were ready and they finally set sail on sunday november 20. a westbound sail through the atlantic ocean with 2900 nautical miles of open sea, great sunrises and sunsets, hopefully many fish and unfortunately a lot of freighters and other sailboats to be on the lookout for.

the estimated landfall should be sometime around december 15 in the west indies where I will be waiting to rejoin my husband in barbados at last!! peter and esteban will sail around 25 days at an average of 120 miles per day. This is the last of the long crossings of our circumnavigation. I am anxious and very happy to know that they have finally departed.

until the next post, this time from the caribbean...!

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