November 20, 2009


definitely the main attraction of our trip to argentina. this is not the place where esteban was born, or the city where he has lived most years of his life, but for some reason, which i now understand, it is the place esteban always refers to as his hometown. the town is small almost all year round, but it quadruples its size during the summer season specially in january and february. tourists from all over argentina come to this wonderful place to enjoy their summer vacation. the beaches are quite nice, the houses are spectacular, the neighborhoods are full of green, the shoppes, stores and restaurants come to live and the sand dunes are something hard to describe, not to mention they are a great playground for the motorbikes!! we visited the many little cities around as well such as carilo, madariaga, mar de las pampas, valeria and ostende among others and they are all surrounded by the same beautiful flat lands of the country side. all the sights are really out of this world. but the highlight of the place is the people that live in it, specially the family and friends that made our stay an amazing one and to all of them many thanks for that!

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