November 11, 2009

port of mar del plata

this is the artisan port within the main commercial port. it is where the local and traditional fishermen work. it is a very picturesque place with a very distinct and nasty fish smell coming mostly from the sea lions that are quite the show; specially when the street dogs get close to them and try to bark them away. we must have spent an hour at least watching the lions getting some sun in the pier and fighting the dogs back.

the orange fishing boats supposedly do not go out very far into the ocean because of the tough sea conditions in this part of the world. the "sudestadas" or strong storms with gale winds from the south east get really nasty. it is said that every year some of these boats vanish with the storms and never come back. during easter, the families and folks that did make it back to shore, throw flowers to the ocean as a tradition to honor the fishermen that did not make it through the storm. i was actually very curious and wanted to see a sudestada in the time we were in the coast but, was fortunate enough to have had a beautiful and calmed weather all the time.

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