March 8, 2010

leaving panama city

believe it or not this is the tide change in our anchorage. what you see in the picture is all covered with water every six hours.

there must be at least a 15 feet change of tide every six hours here…. no wonder why some people have wheels next to the outboards of their dinghies. they might have to roll them out through a newly formed beach…

but tide or no tide we have enjoyed panama city, and literally the city. we have decided to go to the movies and a couple of restaurants and generally do things we might not do for a while. in about a couple of days from the day i am writing this we will sail to las perlas (the last archipelago we will visit in panama) and from there maybe a 10 day sail to galapagos. after that, we will cross the pacific for over a month towards the french polynesia. so not much civilization from now on…. precisely why the cinema has been so wonderful in the last couple of days. i will continue updating the blog. just be patient because I might not have the same internet access for the next few months.

until the next port…!

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