June 13, 2010


some 100 miles from moorea lies another magnificent island of the society group: huahine. this is the less touristic of all with the most remote and untouched anchorages. for my parents it was their first overnight sail and they handled it quite well. the wind was blowing steady and in a good direction so it was a very calm and nice sail. when we arrived in huahine we entered the lagoon and went to the middle of the island to find a very unique spot to stay in port baouraine. this place looked like a lake picture from patagonia. and because it was raining and a little foggy it made us feel like in a different place altogether. here we went snorkeling, swimming and enjoyed yet another of the great hotels! this one was the te tiara and the people treated us very well. we felt like hotel guests but did not have to pay for the room!!!! this was a much relaxing and wonderful place!

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  1. buena, chicos! acabo de leer en La NaciĆ³n una hermosa nota sobre vuestra aventura.! Los felicito . A seguir recorriendo nuestro gran mundo y a contarlo al mismo tiempo..!
    Cristian Gorbea
    Buenos Aires