June 18, 2010

bora bora

to us this island was the most famous in all the french polinesia so we had great expectations about it! and indeed what they say about this place is true. the town is actually rather ugly and disorganized but the surroundings where there must be at least 20 of the greatest hotels in the world are definitely very pretty. there are many shallows inside the lagoon and we ended up sailing for many miles over 10 feet of water or less over white sand, giving us the impression of being inside a huge natural pool. there is also a place called the coral garden, and the name is exactly what the place is, a garden all right!

outside of the lagoon by the reef there are many sharks and we went swimming with them. this was a different experience from fakarava where we were diving with tanks. here we were only snorkeling and the water was rather deep and there were simply too many black tips swimming so close by…. It was a great sensation but I must admit we never went far from the dinghy, just in case we quickly had to jump up on board!

as in the other islands, we visited the hotels and had dinners there. the most special of the island was the st. regis where my dad took us for dinner one night and we had excellent food, dessert and wine all in this very luxurious and wonderful place standing over the lagoon and from where we could see puerto seguro anchored in front of us.

bora bora was also a sad place because it was my parent’s last island. from here they flew back home and esteban and I stayed once again alone in the boat. On their last day we all experienced a min cyclone. The wind was blowing about 40 knots gusting to 55. the boat was heeling as if it had all the sails up when we actually had none. the lagoon was full of white caps and waves. It was quite the storm. fortunately nothing happened, the boat was safe and my parents got to the ferry and plane safely.

a mis papas: fue un viaje inolvidable. gracias por haber venido a navegar con nosotros. nunca lo voy a olvidar. ha sido el mejor viaje. los quiero mucho y me hacen mucha falta.

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  1. Hola Mafe y Peish, como están? La verdad que divinas las fotos, que lugar espetaculaaaar, los envidio "sanamente", jajaja..
    Muchos exitos y que sigan disfrutando de estas maravillas...
    Che..a cada tanto, escriban algo en castellano, para los compratriotas del mercosur que no entendemos nada en ingles, besos