July 1, 2010

crossing to samoa

on june 24 we had our last french baguette of our last breakfast in french polynesia and left in the morning towards american samoa. the route was due west over 1200 nautical miles. this passage turned out to be one of the toughest. we had very rough weather, constant rain and sudden changes of wind speed and direction, not to mention the high seas which made the boat roll a lot.

cooking and cleaning for the 10days that this crossing lasted, were kept to the minimum not to get seasick inside the salon. even watching movies, which is something we do a lot during crossings, was not something we really loved on this one, partly because of the movement and also because we reached the last pile of movies left. we watched the best ones first, saving the bad ones for last….

on the other hand, such bumpy crossing was compensated with great fishing, and so far this was the best leg. we caught two very big mahi mahis of which we only eat one, one barracuada and a big wahoo.

unfortunately as I mentioned, the cooking was not so great because of the movement, and we did not eat all the food we happily caught. but we managed and made it safely to land in amercian territory on no other than on july 4th!! this could have been great because of the celebration, but was not so much because of the overtime we had to pay officials to clear us in on a holiday. at the end we were very happy to reach land and relax in a quiet anchorage.

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  1. Grande vuestra travesía !!! Un ejemplo de coraje y libertad !!!
    Buenisimo !!!