August 7, 2010

crossing to wallis

in the morning of august 6 we left pago pago harbor towards wallis island. the crossing was 360 nautical miles due west, a 72 hour sail. we had strong wind blowing steady from the east and the seas were rough. the boat rocked from side to side like never before and I for the first time got my seasickness experience. It was not pleasant. and the worse of it is that it leaves the sick person useless and the other all alone to sail the boat. Fortunately the sail was a short one, for pacific crossing standards at least, and we arrived in wallis safely and very fast. we had no fish in this crossing; two misses though, one of which took the lure and line with him.

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  1. Your article thingy is real cool, my Great Grandfather was from Wallis, i personally havent been there but would love to one day, maybe i might run in to a relative or something . ? haha i really enjoy learning more about the history of my ancestors, awesome pictures too . !