August 1, 2010

leaving samoa

we finally explored the rest of the island. turns out the western part, in particular the village of amanave was the most impacted by last year's tsunami. the houses are totally destroyed and today; almost one year later; the people are still living in tents. but aside from the shocking scene of nature's devastation, that part of the island is as all other parts: beautiful. lots of green and big waves breaking in the reefs. there are not that many sand beaches in this island, most of them are simply coral heads. it is more beautiful than pleasant to go in, but makes a very dramatic sight to see all the waves breaking in the coral reef all the time.

this was the place with the most stray dogs we have ever seen . this was rather disturbing (even for us, that we come from south america!!); all the dogs are in terrible condition, they look sick, hungry and mad, to the point we were scared sometimes to walk around with so many of them loose. but at the end, with stray dogs and tuna smell (from the cannery) we enjoyed this place very much, its great internet, cheap and abundant provisions, and all the movies we wanted to see and could possibly rent.

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