December 31, 2011

new year's celebration

after a long day of tourism around carricou we were tired and decided to take a nap of an hour to get ready to party for the new year. this decision was taken around 5 PM.... well, that nap lasted several hours... but luckily at 11PM we woke up and noticed we had not missed it (as we missed last year's in thailand because we had not adjusted our on board clock to the correct time zone). but this year we did not do such a thing. we woke up, got ready and got on the dingui and went looking for food. all kitchens were closed, but the bars were fully open, so dinner was not really healthy or filling. but we did not care, we were celebrating anyway. we went to the local beach bar where they had a live steel drum band and the locals were there dancing to it. it was fantastic. really caribbean style; we welcomed the new year with good reggae, no solid food, but plenty of rum, beer, locals and other cruisers. here you can see raphael, a 10 year old cruiser sailing with his family from france. the kid has rhythm ah?

this year for us was another of those amazing ones we will never forget. but now we look forward to the next and hope we have 365 days with salt water around us. happy new year to all!!!

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