December 29, 2011

union island

we stopped in clifton town. it took us three tries to anchor properly. the holding was terrible and the little space was very crowded with other boats. i guess we cannot complaint and better get used to really crowded anchorages in the caribbean. but to make matters worse this time, the wind was constantly blowing at 30 knots and gusting to even more. after the anchor held esteban dove it and made sure it would hold us in this unique spot only protected from the swell by the outter reef but completely exposed to the wind. As usual we walked around town ate delicious food, this time it was crepes! and then back on board to be ready in case the anchor got loose. here we saw a couple of boats getting loose and banging other sailboats; total chaos. fortunately nothing happened to us and yet again, we enjoyed another beautiful caribbean spot. this was also the last of the svg islands. here we cleared out and moved to the next country: grenada.

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