February 10, 2012

more boat work

we are almost done with the circumnavigation, but that prahse never applies to the work on board. there is always some project that needs to be done. in this case while in the marina santa marta esteban worked on the anchors, the chains and the anchor locker, the closets (building badly needed shelves in all of them) and the upholstery of all the interior cushions, the generator and finally a project with the aft locker. the marina was a good place to do this. in total we spent over a month in santa marta. everyone there was very nice to us, and the marina itself was really top class; one of the best in the world. for us santa marta was a very different experience; living in such a nice marina and having more of a local life. we were with family and local friends and enjoyed the city and surroundings. we are definitely coming to terms with the fact that we are almost finished with our circumnavigation, but still enjoy our days and life on board.

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