February 26, 2012

puerto velero

after 60 miles of nonstop strong winds we decided not to sail during the night and avoid having a scare in the last 60 miles of the trip… so we stopped at the windy but totally flat water bay known as puerto velero; precisely in the middle between santa marta and cartagena. we must have had over 40 knots of wind all night and kept thinking how lucky we were to have stayed at anchor for the night and not be out at sea sailing. I do not want to imagine what it is like to have the waves we had all day crashing from behind on a total dark and moonless night. there is a big marina complex under construction in this bay, but because there is nothing ready yet, we anchored with lots of space to drag. there are several beach tents and we saw a lot of windsurfers and kitesurfers in very small kites; a sure sign that is too windy for the boat. So we enjoyed the view, had a great dinner and went to bed with the noise of the halyards banging against the mast, but extremely happy to be in bed and not doing watches in such a windy night.

on the morning after we woke up and set sail for the last 50 or so miles to cartagena. a smooth and fast sail on very shallow waters hugging the colombian coast.

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