February 4, 2010

the second anchor roller

the circumnavigation started but the works on the boat never end. we are constantly doing maintenance on board and changing or improving systems. this project was in fact never finished and it was now time to get it done. we had purchased a second anchor roller back in florida to support our second anchor; a CQR of 35 pounds. the roller was shipped to colombia, where we thought we were going to tackle this project. turns out, the shipment was delayed and when we left colombia the roller, together with a box full of stuff, had not arrived. finally the roller arrived around christmas and we brought it back with us when we returned from argentina. now we just finished installing it and the CQR is nicely secured on its place instead of being stored in a place we would never dig it out of, specially in an emergency.

as far as anchors go, we are done!! we fixed the first roller with the bruce which was badly damaged after a storm in bahamas; we installed the second one for the CQR and; we now have our fortress on board, which we had left in miami... and believe it or not, was brought to us on a plane by garry and alex. from now on be careful when you offer to carry anything for friends or family when traveling. You never know…! someone might just take you up on the offer and ask that you to take a 20 pound anchor in your luggage! :-)

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