February 10, 2010

self tailing winches

remember that wreck back in san blas????

well, turns out the owners sold the wreck to the kunas and they in turn sold the winches from that boat to us, for a very GOOD price!!! and that is how we were able to upgrade from our standard winches to this self tailing ones. now, i can turn the winch handle with two hands and therefore adjust the genoa all by myself without needing esteban's strength all the time. this really improves our sailing!!!

so after carrying them from san blas and taking the old ones apart and selling them (so far only a pair, the other pair is still with us waiting for a new owner), we finally installed them as the last project in bocas del toro.

here you see esteban installing the last one (and badly needing a pair of new pants, don't you think?!)

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