November 25, 2010


do you remember this game?? where the object was to cross a frog form one side of the street to the other with as many obstacles as possible (mostly cars)….? Well we remembered this game too well while approaching singapore and crossing the singapore strait. we did not sleep or snoozed at all for the last 4 days before we arrived. The ship traffic was phenomenal.

not to mention the obstacles like trunks of very big sizes and island like formations like the one in the picture of course with no lights or any other warning of their existence. this added to the already crowded sea of indonesia by the hundreds of fishing platforms and boats and sadly the tons of garbage that floats in their waters. there were never less than 4 of 5 ships in sight… constantly….! and then to top it of, the arrival into what I think should be one of the busiest ports in the world. luckily Puerto Seguro reacted fast and we had the current in our favor so maneuvering through the big ships was no problem at all. when the city of singapore appeared in the horizon (we arrived at dawn) we saw all the lights and colors of this huge metropolis and the magnificent buildings, little did we know at this point that it was just the beginning of one of our best ports of call!

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