November 27, 2010


singapore is an magnificent city. the mixture of cultures and languages is fascinating. the majority of the population is chinese but luckily for us every one speaks english. there is a chinese district of course, an arab district, an indian one, the city center, the suburbs and the industrial park. we visited all of them, as regular tourism would require and, the industrial part as our engine would require us to do. we decided to pamper the diesel engine and ourselves, as if we had not done so before for the past year and a half…! nothing is wrong with the engine by the way, only the ordinary wear after so much use….

so we toured the entire city, went to great restaurants, lots of shops and enjoyed this city a lot. we did not see a single piece of paper on the street. the traffic is very organized, everyone is polite. it is like a lego city where all is perfectly clean and works. the public transportation is superb.

the underground stations are very organized and spotless. The trains have double doors to keep the AC in and to keep the suicidal types out. we were simply impressed how well thought everything was and how well it all worked. maybe this is the result of the great fines imposed. eating in a public place is prohibited as well as drinking. any type of illegal substance traffic is punished by death. possession of firearms is also punished by death and pretty much every crime is punished to the fullest and with high prison terms, no wonder why the criminal activity in this island nation is so reduced. we were so fascinated that we now have a very big book on board on the history of singapore that we will both read to learn how this island came to be the beautiful place it is today.

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