November 18, 2010

a pit stop... in borneo!

sailing around the equator has been very though on our engine. even though our total diesel capacity on board including all jerry cans is 110 gallons, which should be enough for a sailboat, there has been hardly any wind for over 3000 miles since we left papua new guinea. therefore we have had to make several stops to refuel. one of these was on our way from bali to singapore. we stopped in the island of borneo, in the province of kalimantan, up the river at least 10 miles to a town called kumai.

The only attraction in this place of the world is the orangutan, who is endemic of this island. this is certainly not a tourist place. when we approached the town and moored next to a barge in a house on the river we were approached by many locals who were forming a line to get on board and take a picture of us and the boat. we felt more exotic than the orangutans themselves. it was quite an experience, and also to sail up river for so many miles with jungle around. we loved the adventure and also were able to get the diesel we needed to continue our crossing.

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