December 22, 2010


georgetown is the main city of the island of penang and it is another world heritage place full of old beautiful buildings and temples. the city officials have done a wonderful job at maintaining the old buildings. the town therefore looks old yet vibrant beautiful and clean. there are many restaurants of all types of food; the smells of the city range from great incense aromas to nasty sewage sometimes but mostly to bizarre condiments and exotic foods.

the town is full of clothing shops mostly of the type women from india wear. there are incredibly picturesque travel agencies, restaurants pharmacies, and in general miscellaneous stores ran by the chinese. we walked in to many of them simply to have a look at their merchandise and at them. customer service is at its best here. women clipping their toe nails next to the cash register, shirts for men seemd to be optional and just in general funny looking but nonetheless warm and very kind people. we loved this place so much that we changed our plans of just sailing almost through and we decided to stay in at the very comfortable tangonj city marina for christmas.

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