December 30, 2010

phi phi islands

The phi phi islands are spectacular. one of them has been the center of a movie called ‘the beach” and therefore it is very visited. we anchored of the big island to the north for new year’s eve and stayed a few days while visiting by dingui the southern island and around the different bays. the beaches and water are pristine. the monkeys are wild and will take the food form your hands. esteban was thrilled about this and every afternoon we had to go to feed them. I went along, mostly to take the pictures.

in the southern island there is a beautiful cove almost completely enclosed by dramatic rocks and in the center there is only sand and turquoise water. we had never seen anything quite like it. we both agreed it was the pretties island we have been to so far.

the northern island has a town in the isthmus between two great bays. the town was full of restaurants, bars, stores, hotels, thai massage, and everything we could possibly think of. We loved walking into the crowded and small streets and buying the famous thai pancakes to go while strolling through the town checking out all the stores…. This after a long day of sun and beach and dingui around the islands!

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