December 28, 2010


we entered thailand in phuket and sailed around the nearby islands. all beautiful places; some with no inhabitants, other with extraordinary beaches, others with lots of sailboats and other local tourist boats; and others like phuket, with a little bit of everything. we found this part of thailand to be a bit crowded but we know why: the place is so pretty that everyone visits. luckily with the sailboat we managed to anchor in not so crowded places and were able to visit some of the most visited islands in the mornings or late afternoons after all the day tourists had left.

for me thailand was the best country (by far) when it comes to food. I love coconut and curries and spices….! I could not stop eating and trying out the different dishes. For esteban it was different. lets just say hamburgers are still on the top of his food list. as in other countries in south east asia, the low prices allowed us eat out a lot and do all sorts of other fun stuff like renting bikes and generally going everywhere and stopping for beers or at local stores ... a lot!

We really enjoyed this place and most of all absolutely loved thai people. eheir english was not the best but we were grateful for every word because our thai is a disaster. and they were specially friendly and happy all the time. Each person that we met made us feel very welcome and for that, we will leave with a great impression of their country.

As far as temples, we did not visit that many, but they are hard to miss. there is a temple everywhere so every time we went someplace we passed one temple or mosque or a monument or beautiful and historic buildings. Again the mixture of religions and cultures and architecture gives the cities a particular and wonderful charm.

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