July 8, 2011

beaches of southern sardinia

we decided to go beach hopping in the south of sardinia and anchored at several beaches along the coast. some appeared in the maps or guides, some did not. we were sailing with the boat very close to shore and simply anchored wherever we spotted a place we liked.

tuarreda was the last of the spots we visited. when we went to shore to the cool bar on the beach we got a nice welcome from the bar tender who proudly said we were in one of the most famous and pretties beaches in the world. after this comment esteban and i looked at each other and realized that we have actually been to so many beaches around the world already that we had some sort of authority to tell this guy if he was right or not. and immediately in unison we told him he was right; and then we explained how many beaches we had seen so far; to which he was extremely pleased to have this confirmation from these world travelers that his sport was in fact one of the prettiest in the world; and it was indeed.

unfortunately we had very strong winds while we were here and we were forced to be a lot in the boat and could not leave it because we were dragging and also it would be too irresponsible to leave the boat with very strong winds while at anchor. But eventually the winds died down and we enjoyed this little piece of paradise. here, we were visited by a good friend of esteban from argentina that moved to italy many years ago, so she is really a local now. it was wonderful to spent some time with her and hear her stories of how life goes in sardinia. and from what she told us, is definitely not a bad place to live at all!

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