July 5, 2011


because of lack of time we could not sail in the north of sardinia which was very much recommended by many friends that have sailed there. instead we only went to the south of this island but we were very pleased. if the south is so pretty i can only imagine how the north is. we found the towns and beaches around cagliari to be relaxing, quiet and extremely beautiful. the few days we were in sardinia we felt like on a vacation (as if we were not already in a major one) but we really did because we only stopped in remote anchorages with beautiful beaches in the background and white sand bottoms with transparent water. we would swim to shore or around the boat and spend the day enjoying the sun in the boat. perd’e sali was the town we arrived at. with only one restaurant and nothing else to do or see, we walked around the lonely streets, saw the many big and pretty houses mostly opened in the summers only, and enjoyed the beaches and atmosphere of a truly remote vacation place.

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