July 13, 2011


palma is the main city in mallorca. we rented a scooter as usual and planned to visit a small beach town. when we arrived however we were very surprised to see the city was not small at all. it was big, busy, touristy and very developed. pretty of course but not quiet. it also looked very chic with excellent hotels, boutiques and good restaurants all over. the port, we thought was bigger than miami with many terminals for huge cruise ships. the marinas were the most fancy we have seen so far with mega yachts of the type we had only seen in boating magazines; all looked very sophisticated and luxurious and of course mega expensive. we were glad we did not arrive there in puerto seguro. not only it would have probably cost us a fortune, but our boat would have certainly looked like a dingui to the other big bots around.

getting there was in itself funny as we entered a huge 4 lane super fast highway without noticing; so there we were as fast as the little scooter would go, and looking 100% as lost tourists that could not find the small country side roads. so we had a very urban day between the many tourists but enjoying nevertheless the great sites such as the amazing cathedral and the shops and restaurants around.

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